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Brand Overview

Welcome to AnningPale, a paleontological model studio dedicated to the art of fossil reconstruction.

At AnningPale, we combine scientific expertise with artistic craftsmanship to bring prehistoric creatures back to life. Our team of talented professionals meticulously study fossil remains and scientific data to create highly accurate and visually stunning models of ancient organisms.

With a deep passion for paleontology, we strive to capture the essence of these long-extinct creatures and showcase their magnificence to the world. Through our intricate sculpting, meticulous detailing, advanced 3D printing techniques, and casting craftsmanship, we breathe life into the bones of the past, allowing people to experience the wonder of these ancient beings.

Whether you’re a museum curator, an educator, or a passionate collector, our meticulously crafted models are designed to inspire awe and ignite curiosity. Each piece tells a story of Earth’s rich history and serves as a powerful educational tool, providing a tangible connection to the distant past.

AnningPale takes pride in our commitment to scientific accuracy, artistic integrity, and exceptional craftsmanship. We believe that by bringing these ancient creatures back to life, we can foster a deeper appreciation for our planet’s biodiversity and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

Join us on a journey through time as we unveil the mysteries of the past and celebrate the incredible legacy of Mary Anning. At AnningPale, the ancient world comes alive once more, captivating imaginations and inspiring a sense of wonder and discovery.

Discover the extraordinary world of paleontological model reconstruction with AnningPale.


  • Maurizio Caruso

Allow us to introduce our talented collaborator, Maurizio Caruso(MO). He is an exceptionally skilled artist who possesses a keen eye for detail and an abundance of creativity, and created a considerable number of outstanding works in the past. With a remarkable ability to construct natural landscapes, Maurizio Caruso brings scenes to life with his artistry. His profound knowledge and extensive research of prehistoric animals further enhance his artistic endeavors. Maurizio Caruso is a true visionary, continually pushing the boundaries of his craft and captivating audiences with his deep understanding of the natural world. We plan to name Maurizio Caruso’s works as the “MO Series,” and we hope that everyone will enjoy them.