It is a great honor to invite Maurizio Caruso (MO) to design this set of 1/15 scale battle scenes from the South American continent for us. The main characters are Gualicho and Bonatitan reigi.

Clad in thick armor, the member of the Titanosaur family finds itself at a disadvantage. Can it seize the predator’s negligence and escape its clutches? Is the outcome already predetermined?

We have always wanted to create some intriguing scenes, so ultimately, we chose these two species. At the same time, we aimed to faithfully recreate the harsh laws of nature in this scene. We shared our ideas with MO, and he enthusiastically agreed, perfectly capturing the essence of the concept.

Additionally, MO incorporated some of the latest research into this piece, such as the scales on the Bonatitan reigi. This feature is based on scientific literature related to Titanosaurs, where it is hypothesized that they had some form of armor, such as larger and smaller plates on their backs. MO designed armor scales that fit well and effectively protect the Titanosaur, adding depth to the narrative of the piece. So, how will Gualicho strategize to enjoy a hearty meal?

Product Information:
Character: Gualicho VS Bonatitan reigi
Scale: 1/15
Limited Edition of 36, produced through mold casting, solid resin.
Overall Scene: 26.3″ L(670MM) X 7.8″ W(200MM) X 13.3″ H(340MM)
Gualicho: 22.4″ L(570MM) X 4.7″ W(120MM) X 7.5″ H(190MM), Curve length 62 CM
Bonatitan reigi: 26.3″ L(670MM) X 7.5″ W(190MM) X 8.2″ H(210MM), Curve length 75 CM


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